Can Love Blossom
Among the Thorns?


Refocused and determined, Nelle plans to snatch the spellbook and escape Roseward Isle once and for all. But when a powerful magic storm blows in—bringing with it a small castaway of mysterious origins—Nelle and Soran are obliged to lie low inside the lighthouse until it passes.

Trapped in close quarters, they cannot hide from their deepening attraction.

But fate is against them. Soran knows the nightmare he created will not remain bound much longer. He must convince Nelle to leave him, to escape Roseward before she becomes the Thorn Maiden’s newest victim. And Nelle sees the moment fast approaching when she will betray Soran. He will never forgive her, but how can she do otherwise? Papa’s life depends on her mission’s fulfillment.

Will two lost souls find their way through the tangled briar of lies and mistrust? Or will shadowy thorns tear them apart . . . forever?

Rediscover the tale as old as time in this romantic trilogy, perfect for fans of Miranda Honfleur, Audrey Gray, and Emma Hamm.

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