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COURT OF SHADOWS by Meg Cowley - review

October 17, 2019





Publication Date: May 2019

Publisher: Eldarkin Publishing

Genre: Fantasy Adventure





Court of Shadows continues the intrigue, drama, and just plain epicness begun in Heart of Dragons and takes everything many steps deeper into this complex and fascinating world. I was so ready to dive right in having just finished book 1, and was delighted to find Meg Cowley’s storytelling as compellingly read-able as before!


The situation is dire for Harper and friends when their companion, Ragnar (whom you can’t help but love!) is kidnapped by goblins. Desperate to save him, they continue into the court of the dwarf king to seek help, but make discoveries along the way that shatter preconceptions and force them to face dangerous new truths.


Dimitri’s story is heating up, now that he has reawakened his idol, Saradon. He hopes to see a glorious new age for Pelenor . . . but Saradon is not the ruler Dimitri believed him to be.


I loved watching the various threads of  plot weaving together, particularly watching how Harper becomes more and more the center on which everything else turns. It’s a wonderful story of good vs. evil, with that same sense of “classic” quality that I enjoyed in book 1, but told in a fresh and invigorating voice that is a perfect fit for modern audiences.


I’ll warn you now . . . the ending is a gut-punch! But book 3 is already out, so I can jump right in and hopefully get some relief!!!

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July 19, 2019

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