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SKY KEEPER by SM Gaither - review

September 9, 2019






Publication Date: March 2019

Publisher: SM Gaither

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure




I’m so glad I finally started this series! It has a strong Atlantis-retelling vibe to it . . . but is really just completely its own thing in the end. There was no predicting the world or characters, and I eventually I stopped trying and just settled in to enjoy the experience.


Aven is our heroine. She is a Keeper in the kingdom of Garda, and uses blood magic to keep the skies from literally falling and letting the vast ocean above drown her world. Without Keepers, humanity is doomed.


Aven, as a Pure Keeper, has the unique power to sense where a rift is forming in the sky . . . which, as you can imagine, is a desperately important power in a situation like this! Following in the footsteps of her famous Keeper father and brother, Aven is ready to fulfill her role in life. But naturally things don’t work out according to plan! Her brother dabbles in dangerous heresy, and the sky barrier is weakening. Keepers are giving too much blood and dying in their desperate attempts to keep their world safe. It’s time for Aven to step out of her intended role and take action.


It’s forbidden for anyone to leave the Garda . . . and Aven is about to find out why.


I really enjoyed the relationships in this book. Strong friendships, a bond to a magical water horse . . . and, yes, for those of you looking for romance, there IS something there too! But you won’t get any spoilers out of me. This story is full of adventure, fantastic world building, great plot twists, and masterful writing on the part of SM Gaither.


If you’re a fan of kick-butt heroine fantasy but are eager for something a little unique in the genre, THIS is the book for you!


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July 19, 2019

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