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REIGN OF MIST by Helen Scheuerer - review

July 19, 2019


My rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: September 2018

Publisher: Talem Press

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure




This book was a perfect follow-up to the epic that is Heart of Mist. This world is so thrilling, and Scheuerer’s writing is so beautiful. Combined with a cast of characters who continue to work their way deeper into the reader’s heart, and you’ve got some seriously un-put-downable fantasy!


The story opens with Bleak exploring a new world (no spoilers!) and attempting to connect with its inhabitants. Swinton and Fiore, meanwhile, are far away on a new assignment to guard Princess Olena. Olena is navigating strange waters of her own, trying to get to know her future husband, Prince Nazuri, who is nothing like anyone expected. Will he prove the right match for sweet-but-insightful Olena?


And that’s not to mention Henri, Eydis, and Dash, all of whom have their own adventures unfurling!


The threat of war hangs heavy over this book. Alliances are made, loyalties are tested, and secrets fester, threatening to undo everything.


It’s all so intricate and detailed . . . so be sure you don’t enter into the Chronicles of Oremere expecting a lighthearted, fast-paced sort of romp! This is a series you dive into, immerse yourself in. It’s not a rapid-fire page turner, but it is, as I said, completely gripping. I’ve been a slow reader lately, with many irons in the fire, but every evening I looked forward to seeing where Scheuerer would take me on these many and fascinating journeys.


Usually the books I read feature a good dose of romance. This series, however, isn’t focused on romance particularly. Instead we explore a whole host of different relationships, and the interpersonal interactions keep me invested and engaged. Would I like a touch more romance? Maybe . . . but I can’t honestly say that I think it would improve the story being told! Not in this instance. It might even clutter things up.


So if you, like me, are a romance-lover at heart, don’t skip this story. There is drama and character and emotion aplenty, and the friendships being explored more than make up for the lack of a kiss or two!


Just a few more days now until the final book, War of Mist, launches. I, for one, can’t wait!!!

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July 19, 2019

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