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A BOND OF BLOOD AND FIRE by Karen Tomlinson - review

June 7, 2019


My rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: June 2017

Publisher: Karen Tomlinson

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure















Book 2 opens with Diamond and Hugo in a seemingly hopeless situation, captives to the cruel Queen. To make matters worse, the Wraith Lord is closing in, and Diamond is the only one who can stop him. So the enslaved Diamond trains, and Hugo oversees her progress, and things are super tense between them and . . . yeah, I’m living for all the angst, trust me!


I thoroughly enjoyed this second offering in the Goddess and the Guardian series. Everything I enjoyed in book 1 was cranked up a few notches, making for a wild ride. Diamond in particular has really grown into her role as a heroine, becoming stronger and more take-charge as her situation worsens. She’s still herself . . . she still gets panic attacks. But she bravely works to overcome her disability and to be the best version of herself. Her journey is fascinating and unusual in this genre.


And I liked watching Hugo slowly warming up the more he interacts with Diamond . . . I’m really loving the dynamic between those two! Can’t wait to keep reading.

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July 19, 2019

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