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FATE ABANDONED by L. Danvers - review

May 10, 2019


My rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: January 2017

Publisher: L. Danvers

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure










I was so excited to start the Fate Abandoned series by L. Danvers. I knew that I was going to love it . . . I mean, seriously. EVERYTHING about this book ticks the boxes for me! Sword-wielding heroine? Check. Roguish hero with a heart of gold? Check. Epic stakes, dangerous world, and political intrigues? Check.


Yeah, this book was definitely for me.


So the story opens with an ancient tradition—on his 18th birthday, the crown prince must set out on a quest to prove his courage and heroism. The evening the quest is announced however, a terrifying apparition appears, foretelling doom . . . but vanishes before its message is complete. The prince is determined to fulfill his tradition and sets out.


Meanwhile, his twin sister, Daphne is left to worry at home. But not being the sitting-around sort, she takes it upon herself to go to his rescue. She’s smart, she’s noble-hearted, and she’s lethal with a blade . . . but she’s never been far from home, and it is a WHOLE new world out there!


This story is super fun, full of action, and the chemistry between Daphne and the outlaw leader is DYNAMITE! At first I was expecting a more somber, historical-fantasy type world, but soon enough Danvers brings in dashes of folklore/fairy tale that brighten up the mood and make for lively and compulsively readable tale. I blazed my way through the pages so quickly and enjoyed myself tremendously the whole while.


While the story is resolved as a stand-alone adventure, the twist at the end left me with a need for book 2. But thankfully the whole series is out now, so I could dive in right away!

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