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A COURT OF LIES by Kate Avery Ellison - Review

February 21, 2019




My rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Publication Date: June 2018

Publisher: Kate Avery Ellison

Point of View: 3rd Person

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure









With this new book, we start exploring deeper into some alternate POVs. Particularly Prince Jehn’s, which was fascinating. I liked seeing his perspective on Kael, how close of a bond the two of them share. The whole book did a good job of humanizing a character who was difficult to like previously, and I might even be starting to really root for him. His dynamic with the Queen of Nyr is super intriguing.


And yes  . . . we got a lot more Auberon this time, which made me happy! He’s trying to rescue his sister, trying to win over Briand, trying to not be selfish and villainous and . . . I just love him in all his struggles. I liked the admissions that happened in this book, and my shipping loyalties might be altering course rather dramatically these days!


But I do still love Kael. And I’ve been following him and Briand for so long now, it’s hard not to want to see them get the resolution they both long for. I don’t know! The angst! (And I’m living for it!)


This book felt seriously short . . . but I think that’s just because I was so caught up in the characters and adventures, it flew by! And at least I know I can dive right into book 7.

I'm reading this book as part of my Author of the Month feature. If you'd like a chance to win the first three books in the series for yourself, be sure to sign up for my Reader Group! I've got a giveaway running RIGHT NOW. 

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July 19, 2019

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