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SEA AND SAND by Alex Lidell - Review

January 14, 2019


My rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: eBook Purchase

Publication Date: January 2018

Publisher: Danger Bearing Press

Point of View: 1st Person Present

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure





I’ve been a big fan of the Tides series ever since it first released, and it was a thrill to finally dive into book 3. I always love riding along for Nile’s crazy adventures. She’s a heroine I love to root for, even when I sometimes kind of want to strangle her!


I have to say, I was really surprised about where this book began, introducing a brand new character named Kyra. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get attached to someone new when I was already so invested in Nile . . . but within a few pages, I was captivated by Kyra and her struggles. She’s a very different person from Nile, but she’s equally heroic in her own way. As the story progressed, I came to truly love her. And a fresh point of view infused new life into this wonderful series.


Nile and Domenic continue to spark with lots of romantic tension. As their world gets more complex, so does their relationship . . . and I really enjoyed the intensity between them! I prefer a romance that isn’t too easy, and these two certainly don’t have it easy! Sometimes I wonder how they can ever possibly make it as a couple. But the wondering is what keeps things interesting! I’m very eager to see how they grow as the series progresses.


This book definitely leaves you hungry for more, and I can only HOPE that Alex Lidell means to continue this series soon. It is one of the best in the genre of kickbutt heroine fantasy, with incredible writing, action sequences to leave you breathless, and swoon-worthy romance. I can’t wait to see what happens next.



I'm featuring Alex Lidell as my Author of the Month for January. If you'd like a chance to win her incredible Tides series, be sure to subscribe to my Reader Group . . . 'cause I'm hosting a giveaway for all my subscribers at the end of the month!

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