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January 2, 2019

So yeah. I’d hoped to see my series, The Venatrix Chronicles, launch in 2018.


Didn’t happen.


What DID happen was I got most of my six-book series written, several of the books passed through first editor then beta-reader hands, got myself a cover designer and a map designer, and basically chipped away at the MOUNTAIN of things that need to happen before I can successfully launch the series. So I’m going to keep focusing on the positives!


I’m writing the last book now. Book 6. The End.


It’s probably going to kill me.


Seriously, though, last books are the HARDEST. I thought for sure that I’d breeze through this one. After all, I know all the characters by now. I know the world and the intricacies of world-building. I've got the plot-threads in place, everything leading up to these final moments. All I have to do is sit down and write them. Right?


Wrong. So very wrong.


Ordinarily speaking, I can write 5K a day. I get up at 5am, crank out several thousand words before my little girl wakes up, then crank out a few thousand more while she naps in the afternoon. These days I’ve been lucky . . . SO LUCKY . . . to get 2K a day. It’s such meticulous work crafting every one of these scenes. There hasn’t been a single “easy” scene yet.


And on top of that, each scene needs to READ as though it just appeared that way. No work. No labor. No blood, sweat, or tears. Nice, easy-breezy natural.




Still, I’m determined to get this thing done. I’m so close now, I can taste it. I’ve probably got another 60K left to go, which isn’t a lot, but feels like a lot. I can do it, though. If I just sit down in the chair and make myself write a little bit every day, I can do it.


Wish me luck, folks! 2019 is here, and if sheer willpower is good for anything, this WILL be year the Venatrix Chronicles launch to the wide reading world . . . .

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Writing Update

July 19, 2019

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