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Top Ten Books of 2018

December 20, 2018

It's that time of year! Time for those looking-back lists. And looking back on 2018, I've read some truly incredible things! So I thought I'd take a moment and revisit some of them (and probably make myself want to re-read some of them).


I've decided to do different lists--one for stand-alone reads and one for series. Because reading a single book and binge-reading multiple books back-to-back are just different experiences, you know? So here are stand-alone books that just completely wowed me this year.


 Yup. The Bird and the Blade is still my favorite of the entire year. I knew from the moment I first saw the cover that it was going to be THE book for me. And I was so right. Of everything I read this year, this is the book I find myself most frequently BEGGING reader-friends to try. It's just incredible!


But Brine and Bone is a VERY close second. It's probably the shortest work on this list, but it was so exquisitely written and so addictive . . . I stayed up WAY too late into the night reading it, then finished it as soon as I woke up the next morning. Trust me . . . this book is a MUST-read.



The rest of these aren't in any particular order of favoritism. They were all of them excellent and highly recommended. (And yes, a few of them are from series, but I'm including them in the singles list because I read them as individual works, not back-to-back.)



 A chilling continuation of this totally unique story.



 Broke my heart, repaired it, broke it again, repaired it, broke it again . . .


 I truly adore everything W.R. Gingell writes . . . and this book was no exception. (And I CANNOT WAIT FOR BOOK 3 IN THIS SERIES!!!)


 The best, most terrifying, must brutal, most beautiful Fae fantasy of the year.


Yes, another Gingell book. I told you, I can't get enough of her writing!


 This one was so haunting and gorgeous. Like a YA fantasy Jane Eyre . . . but with gods and monsters and empires . . . it's really hard to explain, so you should just READ IT.


I LOVED this book so much!!! I loved Quin, I loved the dangerous world in which she lives, I loved her dangerous, dark, and twisty mission . . . all of it!!!


 And, of course, I couldn't neglect to mention this epic. One which I imagine is showing up on a lot of people's Top Ten lists this month!


So there you have it. Any of these tempting you for your 2019 reading list?

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July 19, 2019

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