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QUEEN OF THIEVES by Katherine Bogle - Review

September 22, 2018




My rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: eBook Purchase

Publication Date: August 2018

Publisher: Patchwork Press

Point of View: 3rd Person Present

Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure




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This is my first ever Katherine Bogle book and, WOW! What a great one to start with. This was a thrilling steampunk adventure, not quite like anything else I’ve read recently. (Maybe shades of Lindsay Buroker?) Great pacing, well-developed world, 3-dimensional characters, sparking dialogue . . . basically everything you could ask for in a fantasy adventure.


Narra made for an interesting protagonist. I didn’t really like her, per se . . . but I don’t think Narra gives a crap whether I like her or not! She’s just that kind of woman, who is who she is without a care for people’s opinions. I didn’t have to like her to get caught up in her adventure. She was born and raised by thieves, and thievery runs thick in her blood.


The story is full of fascinating twists and turns, including revolutionaries rising to oust the emperor. Narra finds herself drawn in to the drama, called upon to clear her father’s name. To do so, she must join forces with the enemy, and her already complicated world gets even more twisted.


This story was darker than some of the others I’ve read this month, and it could be a bit heavy sometimes. The author doesn’t shy away from driving her heroine into some really awful places. The pacing was page-turningly thrilling as I watched Narra having to make more and more terrible choices.


An explosive start to a new series. And the sequel is already out, with book 3 following shortly after, so if you get hooked, there’s plenty more to come!


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