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A THIEF & A GENTLEWOMAN by Clare Sager - Review

September 19, 2018




My rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: eBook Purchase

Publication Date: August 2018

Publisher: Clare Sager

Point of View: 3rd Person

Genre: YA Romantic Fantasy




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This book reminded me of what I think Robin Hood would be like if Tamora Pierce had written it. Except, if I’m honest, I think I liked the writing style of this story even better than Pierce (am I allowed to say that???).


A Thief & a Gentlewoman plunges you immediately into the drama and high stakes of Quin’s world. She is a classic “rob from the rich and give to the poor” sort of heroine, with a vast array of talents and developed-skills to utilize in this ongoing quest. When we meet her, she has set her eyes on a new mark, whom she intends to make fall in love with her “gentlewoman” persona . . . before she robs him blind.


Problem is . . . her intended victim is kind of amazing. Kind, insightful, well-bred in the truest sense of the word. And he has a remarkable knack for seeing through Quin’s artifices and finding the real woman underneath. A woman he finds completely intriguing.


The romance is strong in this tale, but it’s all beautifully balanced with action, magic, and an ever-unfolding mystery. No spoilers here, but every scene was ultimately a page-turner, and I blazed through the story much faster than I would have thought possible.


The writing is amazing, by the way. This book is a debut, but you’d never know it! The vivid world-building, the confidence and even beauty of the prose, all makes for a compelling read that I would expect from an established novelist. I know for a fact that I’ll eagerly be watching for more Clare Sager books to come!



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