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August 25, 2018


My rating: 4 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: Paperback Purchase

Publication Date: July 2015

Publisher: Little, Brown

Point of View: 3rd Person Various

Genre: YA Fantasy




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I enjoyed The Cruel Prince so much, and since The Wicked King isn't available yet, I kinda of HAD to pick up The Darkest Part of the Forest. It's certainly not the same read as The Cruel Prince, but it's set in the same world and it is written by Holly Black, so it served to satisfy my craving for the time being.


I found this story to be totally addicting. Twisty-and-turny, with surprises around every bend. The plot was completely creepy, and I loved the way Holly Black slowly peeled back the layers until you finally, FINALLY get down to the core of the tale.


The characters were interesting. Hazel reminded me a bit of Jude in that I never found her truly likeable but . . . by the end of the book, I was totally rooting for her. Her brother Ben was more overtly likeable from the get-go, and I had an easy time hoping for good things for him. (Though I will say . . . I felt like his romance was kind shoved-in-there at the end. I was happy to see him get a romantic ending, but I would have liked for there to be a LOT more actual set-up for it. *shrugs*)


I completely adored the way the Fae world bumps right up against the Mortal world, both influencing the other in strange and exciting ways. We spend most of the book in the mortal world in this story, which made it less magical/fantasy feeling than The Cruel Prince but more real and gritty.


Anyway, this was easily one of the best reads of my Month of Fae Revels, and I highly recommend it to anyone who already loves The Cruel Prince. This author does not write bright, happy stories about bright or happy people. The endings aren't especially triumphant, and you don't walk away feeling as though Good has vanquished Evil. But if you're game for a little darkness, no one is more enthralling than Holly Black.



This concludes my Month of Fae Revels! It was a fun month of reading, though I'm definitely ready to take a bit of a break from the Fae for a while.


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