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TWO PRINCES OF SUMMER by Nissa Leder - Review

August 24, 2018


My rating: 3 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: Hardback Purchase

Publication Date: July 2017

Publisher: Nissa Leder

Point of View: 1st Person Heroine

Genre: YA Romantic Fantasy




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Can I just start by saying how much I love that cover? Apparently the author herself created it, and . . . WOW! Multi-talented much?


The story inside was fun, exciting, charismatic, fae-fantasy fare. Two dangerous and intriguing princes, one immediately charming, one possibly underestimated (I won't say which is which). And the human girl caught between them, a pawn in their ongoing chess game. Basically everything you want most in this sort of tale.


I liked it. There were bits and parts that left me a bit disatisfied, but utlimately I enjoyed the intrigue as it spun out. There were plenty familiar tropes on display, but that's not a bad thing necessarily. After all, I come back to this genre for the tropes, don't I?


I DID read it right at the end of my Month of Fae Revels, so it might have suffered a wee bit from fae-burn-out syndrome. I've just read a LOT of different takes on the Fae and their courts, so the whole concept is bound to start feeling a bit worn out by now.


Still, altogether, an entertaining, lively read, with an ending that definitely leaves you wanting more. So if you find that cover as dreamy as I do, go ahead and give this one a try!


And that's the end of my official reading list for the Month of Fae Revels . . . except . . . I enjoyed The Cruel Prince so much, I went and picked up The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black and read it as well! So I'll slip a review for it in at the end of the month and add it to the list of giveaway options. 'Cause Holly Black is the QUEEN, people!


Don't forget, there's a big giveaway coming next week. Exclusively for my reader group, so sign up if you haven't already.

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