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A KINGDOM OF EXILES by S.B. Nova - review

August 18, 2018


My rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: eBook Purchase

Publication Date: December 2017

Publisher: Night Owl Publishing

Point of View: 1st Person Heroine

Genre: YA Epic Fantasy





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I really liked this book at the beginning. I loved the writing, I loved the world, I loved the building drama. I enjoyed Serena's character as she, in atypical Cinderella fashion, dealt with the trials of a particularly evil stepmother. I loved the hints about the fae.


But then the heroine got kidnapped by fae hunters (including one who is actually named Hunter), and . . . started to lose my interest. I didn't feel as though the established character of Serena was built upon, but rather just abruptly changed to suit the increasingly epic-fantasy context of the world. It was jarring. Once I got my feet back under me and learned to accept the character as who she was now rather than still expecting her to be who I was introduced to, I liked it better.


The author is hugely imaginative with a vivid world and a flair for writing breath-taking action sequences. I enjoyed her take on the fae and their different courts, even if I found it less inventive than others.


I've seen other reviews talk about this story as reminding them hugely of Sarah J. Maas's "Court of Thorns and Roses," so if you're a Maas fan, you should definitely pick this one up. I've not yet gotten into Maas's work myself, so this story wasn't such a perfect fit for me. (But I'm obviously in the minority there, so take that opinion for what it's worth!)


Anyway, I liked it well enough that I'll probably pick up more by this author. I didn't absolutely adore it like I was hoping but . . . *shrugs* Still an entertaining read!

This was my third book review for my Month of Fae Revels. At the end of the month I'll be hosting an epic giveaway exclusively for my reader group, so subscribe if you haven't already!

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