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BETWEEN JOBS by W.R. Gingell - Review

August 11, 2018


My rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: eBook Purchase

Publication Date: May 2018

Publisher: W.R. Gingell

Point of View: 1st Person Heroine

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy





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So any of you who have been following this blog for any length of time at all already know this--I'm completely mad about anything written by W.R. Gingell. I mean, seriously. If it's got her name on it, I'm there. But usually she writes fairy-tale retellings (sort of) with a more classic fantasy flair (kind of), so when I saw that she was writing an urban fantasy featuring fae and vampires, I was a bit surprised. Intrigued. Bewildered.


And totally on board for whatever she wanted to write.


I actually read Between Jobs a few months ago. It came out in late May, and I devoured it within days of release. But I've been saving it to review as art of my Month of Fae Revels, since it technically falls within this category. The main character--whose real name we never learn, but who is sort-of-affectionately known as "Pet" by her three otherworldly roommates--ends up venturing into Between and Behind, which serves as a completely freaky variation on Fairyland. Two of her "roommates" are fae: immortal, powerful, arrogant, dangerous. The other is a vampire. Only he's a Korean vampire who understands but will not speak English, so that makes for some interesting dynamics.


I've honestly never read anything like this book. I'm categorizing it as fae fantasy, but it's not like any of the other books I'm featuring this month. The plot is crazy, all-over-the-place, twisted, and alluring. I was never entirely certain I had my feet under me the whole time I read it . . . all I knew for sure was that I enjoyed every moment!


Pet makes for a dynamic and completely individual heroine. Gingell has a gift for creating fascinating heroines, no two of them alike, and through their unique perspectives we get to observe their equally unique worlds. And there was never a world more unique than Between Jobs!


The story is dark, hilarious, twisted, and just plain fun . . . except when the blood and guts are flying. Then it's still fun but in a peering-between-my-fingers sort of way. I CANNOT wait for book 2, and while I'm waiting, I'm doing everything I can to try to convince my friends to pick up this book and get as addicted as I am to Gingell's writing!




So that's my second review for my Month of Fae Revels. Three more (and possibly an extra little novella) to go. At the end of the month, I've got a big giveaway planned. It's exclusively for my reader group, so sign up if you haven't already!

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