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Author of the Month - Terah Edun

May 28, 2018




It's that time again, reader friends! Time for another great giveaway, this time featuring my Author of the Month pick Terah Edun's amazing fantasy adventure, Blades of Magic.


You may remember that I read this book earlier this month and was completely blown away by it. Terah impressed me with her subversive ideas while simultaneously maintaining all the most important elements of the kickbutt-heroine fantasy genre. It was fun and addictive, and I was very excited to get a few insider tidbits from the author to satisfy my fangirl curiosity!


Enjoy the interview and stay tuned for the GIVEAWAY! I'm offering a paperback copy of this awesome book to one lucky winner, plus two fun consolation prizes.


Quick introduction to the author herself . . .



Terah Edun is an incredibly prolific writer, and has created both the ongoing Courtlight series (beginning with Sworn to Raise) and the Crown Service series, which begins with Blades of Magic (our featured title). She is both a New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist, inspired by Kristen Cashore, Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, Maria Snyder . . . basically all the best names in the business!


Now, on to the interview.

Me: Thank you so much for agreeing to answer my fan-girl questions, Terah! I am new to your work, but I totally loved Blades of Magic, and I’m really eager to get some answers to some of these . . .


For starters, what was the key idea that sparked the Crown Service series? Did you start with a character or a plot-twist or a crisis? And how long did you brew on the idea before you simply had to sit down and start writing it out?



TERAH EDUN: Strangely enough I had the idea for Blades Of Sorcery: Crown Service #3 as I was writing Sworn To Conflict: Courtlight #3. You’ll start to notice lots of references to the Initiate Wars throughout the Courtlight series beginning with that book and it was because I was weaving in the narrative for Sara’s series throughout Ciardis’s.The Crown Service series itself is set during a period incredible internal turmoil for the Algardis Empire and I felt like it was important to portray that discord and distrust accurately in order to form a foundation for the allegiance to both the Emperor and the Empire in future series like Courtlight later on.



Me: Sara is such an interesting, complicated character. She’s so bloodthirsty and yet her motivation throughout the story stems from real love for her father and her desire to get to the truth about his death. And we the reader see her develop real friendship connections as well, something that seems almost impossible for a personality like hers in the beginning of the book! How did you come up with a character like Sara? Is she based off of anyone you know? Is there a little bit of you in her? Or is she entirely her own creation?


Terah Edun: Sara Fairchild has always been a bold and brash main character in my head. Fierce, loyal, and unpredictable as well. She’s entirely her own creation but I can’t say I didn’t take inspiration for such a strong woman from wonderful examples like Diana of Thermyscira.


My hope is that we will get to see Sara continue to grow and develop—not only friendships but love interests—and even wisdom. A War Mage can’t be too careful but I think as long as she stays true to her instincts she’ll be able to forge a path through the Initiate Wars — hopefully with her father by her side.




Me: The Crown Service series already has four books in it—including Blades of Destiny, which just launched in April—and from what I can see in the reviews, the plot just keeps getting more exciting and more complex with every book! Do you have an end-goal already planned for this series? Or are you simply letting the inspiration carry you along for a wild ride? If you do have an end in mind, can you tell us how many books there will be in total?


Terah Edun: The Crown Service series is different from Courtlight in that I don’t have so much an end goal as a narrative I want to weave. A narrative that reveals the history and complex backgrounds of many of the Algardis Empire’s most famous families and individuals.


It’s important to me that I pursue and reveal a poignant part of the empire’s timeline with all the complexities there-in. We’ll be exploring nuggets shown in past Courtlight books and future Algardis books, including the ruin of the Midlands territories.


All I can say is that it’ll be a fun ride.



Me: Ezekiel was my favorite character. He’s such an unusual hero in this genre, which is usually entirely devoted to its handsome-warrior-sexy-types. But Ezekiel totally won me over, and I loved watching the (platonic) relationship develop between him and Sara. They’ve got tons of chemistry, and their friendship was more real and entertaining than many of the overt romances I’ve read in this genre. What made you decide to go such an unusual direction with your hero/heroine pairing?


Terah Edun: As you said Ezekiel Crane is an unusual hero in this genre. He’s smart, goofy-looking, and prone to accidents. I wanted to show that you could have a woman be all the things a man is usually supposed to be in the narrative of the ‘savior’ and having Ezekiel act not only as Sara’s foil but many times as her conscious helps with that.


He’s gained her trust with his perceptiveness and won her over with his empathy. Now if Sara can keep him alive on the battlefield we can see just how much further their relationship develops!


Me: I REALLY WANT TO SEE HOW THEIR RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPS!!!  (*cough* forgive me as I recover from my momentary fangirling lapse . . . *cough*)



Me: Last of all, where can my readers find and connect with you? Do you have a newsletter? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram?


Terah Edun: I do! It’s terahedun.com/news and every subscriber gets TWO short stories and very soon a free novella when they join.


Twitter is – teedun.com/twitter

Facebook is – teedun.com/facebook

Instagram is – teedun.com/instagram

And there you have it, folks! If you aren't yet convinced to read Terah Edun's work, here's another incentive for you . . . Blades of Magic is FREE on Amazon! That's right--whether or not you have the Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can download and enjoy this first adventure in the Crown Services series.


And . . . you can also enter this giveaway to win a paperback copy! I'm also offering two consolation prizes--Kindle editions of Blades of Illusion, book 2 of the Crown Service series (since, you know, book 1 is already free.)


So enter the giveaway and dive into this thrilling new adventure!







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