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BLACKFOOT by W.R. Gingell - Review

May 13, 2018


My rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: eBook Purchase

Publication Date: April, 2017

Publisher: W.R. Gingell

Point of View: 3rd Person Heroine

Genre: Fantasy Adventure




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This is another book a read a few months ago but haven't taken time to sit down and actually review. So this is a quick making-up-for-lost-time review!


If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you'll know that Gingell is one of my new favorite authors. She writes sort-of fairy tale retellings (as in, you can see the inspiration stemming from the original fairy tale, but the stories she tells are COMPLETELY unique), and she writes them with such a completely one-of-a-kind style that somehow is completely addictive to me. I don't know that everyone would react to her writing the way I do, but . . . if you are at ALL a fan of Diana Wynne Jones, you absolutely should read Gingell. Gingell isn't the same as Jones, but she's got a ineffable je ne sais quoi that reminds of that great Mistress of Fantasy.


As to the story of Blackfoot itself--this is a twisty-turny adventure involving time travel and evil wizards and clever sentient cats (with secrets) and one stubborn little girl. It took me a while to figure out Annabel's age--but I'm pretty sure she's fourteen. She's a very YOUNG fourteen, so she feels like a child a lot of the time. But . . . she's a lot smarter and braver than even she likes to admit, and while it may take a little while for readers to warm to the idea of her as heroine, she totally comes into her own by the end of the story. (Again, very much like a Diana Wynne Jones heroine.)


This story is complicated, for sure . . . and even by the time I got to the end of it, I wasn't ENTIRELY certain I understood everything that took place. But in a weird sort of way, that didn't MATTER to me. I enjoyed every moment of what I was reading, so even if I ended the book a tiny bit confused, who cares? I'm just as addicted to Gingell's style as ever, just as bound to pick up my next Gingell read as soon as I can, just as likely to recommend her work to my friends!



So, yes. Wonderful book by an amazing author. And I compulsively read the sequel immediately after, so watch for that review coming soon!

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