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THE EMPEROR'S EDGE by Lindsay Buroker - Review

November 8, 2017




My rating: 5 of 5 Stars

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Publication Date: December 2010

Publisher: Lindsay Buroker

Point of View: 3rd Person

Genre: Fantasy Steampunk





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Another instance of an awesome book having a less-than-awesome cover. Though this fault (at least in my opinion it’s a fault) doesn’t seem to hurt Lindsay Buroker’s sales at all, as the Emperor’s Edge and it’s continuing series are fantastically popular . . . and deservedly so!


I’ve been told by a trusting reading friend to pick up this series for a while now. She told me that if I loved the Sam Vimes books in the incredible Disc World series (by the inimitable Sir Terry Pratchett) that I would love this. I looked at her askance. You don’t go comparing people’s writings to THE Sir Terry Pratchett. You just don’t do that.


But . . . you know what? I kind of loved this book.




Amaranthe. I just adored the heroine of this book. She is a nervous, nail-biting, high-strung, utterly focused, smart talking, kickass, ambitious gal, and you just cannot keep her down! She makes mistakes, but she bounces back quickly, and she’s always learning on her feet. She is a fantastic viewpoint heroine, and you see very quickly why she’s the leader of her little rebel band (however reluctant she is to turn rebel in the first place). I would follow her into battle in a heartbeat.


And . . . Sicarius. The assassin. The assassin who ACTUALLY ACTS LIKE AN ASSASSIN. I mean, this man is dangerous. Hard. Inscrutable. Frightening. He almost—almost—breaks Amaranthe’s neck in one of their first encounters. He is not your warm-and-fuzzy assassin with a secret heart of gold. And yet . . . could he possibly turn out to be a hero in his own right? (I don’t want to spoil it for you but . . . yes.)


Lindsay Buroker writes with a constantly upbeat style, even when she’s dealing with dark and dangerous things. She’s not an overt comedian (like Sir Terry), but she’s bright and effusive and just utterly, utterly readable. Her story goes on crazy twists and turns, some more believable than others, but all of them completely enjoyable. She’s got a wild world here that is just waiting to be explored in more depth . . . and thankfully she’s got a nice long eight-plus series in which to explore it.




I literally cannot think of anything I disliked in this book. The characters were great. The plot was great. The writing was great. Was it brilliant, classic literature? No. Does it have to be? Absolutely not! It’s just plain fun. And sometimes that’s what you need in a book.


And yes, I immediately picked up book 2 in the series. Because it’s just that compulsively readable, people.


Lindsay Buroker is officially the newest author on my Favorites List. Welcome to the esteemed club, Ms. Buroker!

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