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Book of the Month - July

July 31, 2017

Another month come and gone, and I went on quite a few epic journeys along the way. The time has come to pick my favorite, but first, let me quickly offer a recap of my reads . . .



  First of all, the MUCH anticipated Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner. I have been such an enormous fan of this author since my Freshman year of college when I first picked up The Thief, and the painful five to six year wait between her books can seem like an eternity! So I gobbled this one up as fast as I could, no doubt about it. That being said, it wasn't my favorite of the Queen's Thief series. An enjoyable romp, but maybe not quite on a par with The King of Attolia or some of the others. Still, I highly recommend that EVERYONE pick up Turner's series.

 It was with great eagerness that I jumped into A Gathering of Shadows . . . and much less eagerness that I slogged my way through it over the better part of a month. How could a series that began SO brilliantly continue so . . . dully? The characters were still themselves, but they wandered around so purposelessly, without any plot or direction and . . . sigh. I was so disappointed in this one. I wouldn't let myself skim it, because I kept insisting that this amazing author would SURELY pull off some daring twist to reinspire my love for her world. Sadly, that twist never came. Still not sure if I'll bother with book 3 in this series.

 Fearing I was on the verge of a reading slump, I started Air and Ash by Alex Lidell, and author I've never read before. And I discovered a brand new FAVORITE! This book gave me all the same feels of The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley, or The Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce . . . you know, all those great, kickbutt heroine fantasies that really started this female-centric YA Fantasy Genre that I adore. There were a lot of familiar tropes in play, but Lidell handled them all with such a fresh voice, I felt as though they were all new. Great world, great heroine, great adventure . . . just a great book, period!

 I have been eyeing The Kiss of Deception since it first released however many years ago. Pretty cover, epic premise, plenty of romantic potential . . . definitely something written for me, right? Only it wasn't, sadly. After a fun opening, this book lagged for me, and I ended up with an unfortunate DNF. No judgment to any of you who loved this one! It was well written, and maybe I would have liked it better if I'd been patient and given it more time. I think it just wasn't meant for me, though.

 I had fully intended to read something else for my final book of July. But I enjoyed Air and Ash so much, and it ended on such a tight, cliffhanger sort of note, I couldn't wait long at all to pull up War and Wind. This was a great continuation of the story . . . and it definitely ended on a more satisfactory sort of note (though I'm still VERY eager for book 3!). The stakes get higher, and the villain gets just that much more horrible and . . . I don't want to give anything away! Trust me, if you a great female lead in a YA fantasy, this is a series for you.

You aren't going to be terribly surprised by my Book of the Month pick, are you? That's right . . . I'm going with:


I confess that I, at least, am a bit surprised. I would have bet good money that a Megan Whalen Turner novel would totally steal this show! But the Tides series just really caught my sense of adventure by the reins and wouldn't let go, so here we are. And guess what that means for my monthly giveaway . . .


That's right!

These beauties are even now sitting on my bookshelf, and they're just waiting to be sitting on yours. So if you're a mailing list subscriber, be watching for an email tomorrow telling you how to enter this giveaway. And if you're not, subscribe to my mailing list today! Because one of you lovely subscribers will be winning this series for your own.

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