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WAR AND WIND by Alex Lidell - Review

July 28, 2017




My rating: 4 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: Purchased Ebook

Publication Date: June 2017

Publisher: Danger Bearing Press

Point of View: 1st person heroine

Genre: Epic Fantasy





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So I had intended to read only book 1 in Alex Lidell's new Tides series this month . . . but Air and Ash hooked me so hard, I couldn't wait to see how the story would continue. I reorganized my reading schedule and, here we are!




Well, for starters, this is just good, simple, action-packed FUN! It's the perfect summer read with all the action and sudden reversals of fortune that you could possibly hope for.


The characters are appealing and well drawn. Nile, in particular, makes for a dynamic heroine with strong motivations. She's definitely a bit bullheaded at times, but you're never left wondering why she makes the choices she does. She always has good reason! As reckless as she can be, there were many times when I had to applaud her for keeping her cool as well as she did. Under those circumstances, I would not have managed it!


Her relationship with Lieutenant Dana certainly heats up in this book. I won't say that I loved it so much, though. I liked it fine. But I found the slow-burn of the previous book more interesting. Don't get me wrong--there's still plenty of situations getting in the way of these two lovebirds getting together! I just don't find the excessive daydreaming over all of Dana's qualities all that interesting. I liked her suppressed passion better than the overtness here. Still, they were entertaining to watch together.


Captain Rima is a PERFECT villain. In that he's horrid. And way too smart and way too powerful for his own good! Gah, I hated him SO MUCH! Which was great and kept me turning pages.


And I have to say, I really loved the twist with Prince Tamiath. I was all prepared to hate him, but then he came on the scene and . . . hmmm. He's not what I was expecting. (And, rest assured, he is NOT a third point in a love triangle either! Definitely NOT. He's his own interesting character, not a romantic prospect for Nile.)




I will say that my interest waned somewhat after the amazing first half of this book. The middle climax was more climactic than the actual climax. And while the intrigue of the second half was interesting enough, it just didn't have that same breathless, page-turning quality of the first half.


But that's my only quibble. And it's not much of a quibble. On the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure, and I'm eager to see where Tides #3 will take me! Not sure yet when it's due, so I definitely signed up for this author's mailing list. You can bet I'll be one of the first to purchase as soon as the book becomes available!



So that brings my reading for the month of July to an end. I had hoped to fit Gates of Thread and Stone in there, but War and Wind usurped that reading time, so it just didn't happen.


And next month is YA Sci-Fi month for me! Which means Gates of Thread and Stone will have to wait a little bit until I come back to it.


I'll be offering my Book of the Month Giveaway in the next few days. Stay tuned for which awesome titles I'll be giving to one lucky mailing list subscriber this month!

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