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A GATHERING OF SHADOWS by V.E. Schwab - Review

July 11, 2017




My rating: 2 of 5 Stars

How I Got It: Purchased Ebook

Publication Date: February 2016

Publisher: Tor Books

Point of View: 3rd Person

Genre: Epic Fantasy





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So . . . yeah. Two stars. When all is said and done . . . two stars.




Very little if I'm honest. I still think V.E. Schwab is an incredible writer with a brilliant way with words. And I still love the world she's created with her Gray, Red, White, and Black Londons. A fascinating concept that just draws me right.


And I still love Kell's coat.


But that's about it. I seriously can't think of another positive thing to say about this book.


And I slogged through the WHOLE THING. Start to finish, no skimming, no skipping. Waiting for some of that brilliance I loved SO much in A Darker Shade of Magic to shine through.


It never did.




I seriously could go into full-throttle book bashing at this point. But I kind of hate to do that, particularly when I honestly do respect the talent of this author.


So let me just say that nothing happened in this book. There was a whole lot of buildup to . . . nothing.


New characters were introduced . . . they did nothing.


There was this whole magical competition . . . it went nowhere.


There was a developing threat from White London . . . that sort of kind of went somewhere? Ish?



It was just hugely disappointing. And on top of all that, I really found I didn't like the characters this time. In the previous book, I found Lila intriguing. In this book I just HATED her. She's awful. Simply awful with literally no redeeming qualities.


And wait . . . Kell's supposed to be in love with her? Or he's got the hots for her anyway. But I didn't see any of that developing in book 1! I felt a strong kinship/friendship developing between them, but despite their chase little kiss for luck, I didn't have any idea that he was falling for her. None at all.


Captain Emery was set up to be an interesting character. But what the heck was the point of him? He did stuff, sure, but nothing that actually led to anything!


This whole book just felt very amateur, despite the sophistication of the writing itself.


Anyway, I will probably come around to reading A Conjuring of Light eventually. But just now, despite the cliff hanger ending of A Gathering of Shadows, I just don't really care about what happens next.


Oh, well. You win some, you lose some. And apparently this book is enormously popular, so I don't imagine my disappointed review is going to hurt anything for this author. Who, like I said, is very talented, and I do want to read other work by her. Eventually.



Disappointment aside, that concludes my second review for the month of July. This book will definitely not be a contender for my Book of the Month pick . . . but whatever book I DO pick will be offered as a giveaway to one lucky mailing list subscriber! So subscribe today for a chance to win a great read in the near future.


Now I'm going to go lose myself in the world of Air and Ash for a little while. Because it's proving quite the thrilling adventure so far!



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