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Book of the Month - June

July 3, 2017

So this is actually the Book of the Month post for May AND June. My work schedule has become suddenly crazytimes, and my reading has slumped as a result. So . . . not as much to pick from here.


That being said, though my pool of reads was smaller, the AMAZINGNESS of some of these books was out of this world! So I'm not going to complain.


So lets get down to it with the mini-reviews, shall me?

First on this list was Water of Salt and Sin by Alisha Klapheke. This book caught my eye first and foremost because of that gorgeous cover. Doesn't it have a throwback factor that's just irresistible? The story inside is equally irresistible with a kickbutt heroine on a mission to save her beloved sister, a cast of memory side characters, a dreamy love interest. Everything you could want in a YA adventure fantasy. This was the author's debut novel, and she wowed me!

Spindle was my second read by author W.R. Gingell, so I strongly suspected I would like it. I did not expect to LOVE it! It's no secret around here that my all time favorite book is Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones . . . and THIS book was the closest thing I've ever found to giving me all the Howl feels! But it's completely it's own story, not a copy cat in any way. The humor, the magic, the characters, the romance!!! It was so perfectly my favorite kind of slow burn, understated romance, and  I can't even express how much happiness this book gave me. I kind of want to read it again already . . .

Now this one I'm sure you've seen around the YA reader circles. How could you have missed it? And like me, you might be wary of it due to the massive hype. But let me tell you . . . the HYPE IS REAL!!! I went into this book with zero expectations. I could not have predicted how beautiful, how unreal, how breathtaking, how shocking it could possibly be! It feels like classic literature, but written for a modern audience. It stunned me. I still can't think about it without getting shivers of delight and awe.



Sadly after having two BRILLIANT books back-to-back . . . I was due a disappointment. And this book was that disappointment. On the surface it looked like something I would like. But I just could not connect with the style or story in any way. I gave it a go, but ended up with a DNF before 50%. Oh well.


The cover is super pretty though!





And here was my last read of the month. Cool cover, cool premise. Good writing. But I just slogged through it. It took me weeks to read, when I usually blaze through a book like this in a couple of days. Ultimately I thought it was OK, it just never got me excited.


I blame the combination of Spindle and Strange the Dreamer. They were both just too good back-to-back like that, and they've spoiled me for other stories.



Anyway, there you have a it. An abbreviated list, like I said before. But with some real gems in there. And do you want to know which one won my Book of the Month? Well, it's not really going to surprise you . . .


 That's right! W.R. Gingell's amazing Spindle. It was a close call between it and Strange the Dreamer, but ultimately I just can't resist a book that gives me those Howl's Moving Castle feels.


And Gingell is firmly cementing herself as an all time FAVORITE.


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