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Book of the Month - April

May 8, 2017

Beauty and the Beast month has come and gone . . . and what amazing reads I enjoyed! I mean, there were a couple of duds too, but all told, I feel this was a pretty successful venture!


 Before I announce my pick for Book of the Month (and the books I'll be giving away to one lucky subscriber), let me offer a quick recap of each adventure.


For starters I read this exciting Hot New Release. It was a poetic and atmospheric read with a strong sense of the place, which I loved. It was a very slooooow moving story, and I never felt as attached the characters as I wanted to. Still, it was a good book and one I would recommend, if nothing else for the elegance of the story being told and the one or two little surprise twists I didn't see coming.


Now THIS book was just plain fun! A completely turned-on-its-head retelling of the fairytale, and I adored it. If you've read my bio, you know I'm always looking fr my next Howl's Moving Castle . . . and this book was the first one in a LONG time to give me some of those great Howl feels. I went right out and bought several of this author's other books and look forward to reading them. I need more of this zany wit in my life!

 For a completely different atmosphere, I picked up this book . . . and loved it too! This was a serious story with a combination of sci-fi and fantasy elements that blended together much more naturally than I expected. The protagonists were both fascinating people aside from their romance (but their romance was fascinating too!), and the world Stacey Jay created was completely unique. I did not expect to enjoy this one so much, but it was definitely a five star read!


After two amazing books in a row, I was a tiny bit disappointed by this one. Uprooted is certainly interesting, and the author has a real way with words. The world-building was compelling, and the Wood serving as the central villain was fascinating and completely unlike anything else I've ever read! If only I had loved the characters a bit more. Sadly, I didn't much care for them, so the book was just not quite as successful for me.


Here was a book I've been looking forward to reading for a long time. Ever since I first saw that incredible cover, in fact. Sadly, I was disappointed in it, however. The first half was all right . . . not great but all right. But the heroine's decisions in the second half just ruined the story for me so that I completely lost interest. Too bad, though, because the writing was beautiful!



This pretty little story was my final Beauty and the Beast read of the month, and it was lovely. Simple and short, but with enough twists and turns to keep me guessing. I really enjoyed the main characters and their chemistry, and the world had enough enticing details to make me interested in reading more of the series. And there are LOTS more in this series too, so that's good news!


All things considered, that was a successful month of Beauty and the Beast retellings! But which one triumphed as my pick for Book of the Month? Well . . .

 That's right. When it came right down to it, I simply couldn't pick between Masque and Of Beast and Beauty. They were both simply SO DIFFERENT from each other but so incredible in their own unique ways!


So that means, my Beauty and the Beast Month giveaway is the biggest one yet. Check it out . . .

 That's right! I'm giving away a hardcopy of Hunted, since it's the Hot New Release of the month, and then BOTH of my Books of the Month AND my pick for Cover of the Month. So how's that for growing your library?


To enter the giveaway, subscribe for my mailing list. All my mailing list subscribers will receive an email with simple details on what they can do to get their names entered in the random drawing. And remember, this is open internationally!

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