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Book of the Month - March

March 31, 2017


The time has come to pick my favorite read of March . . . and then announce which books I'll be offering in my monthly giveaway! So let's take a moment to glance over what I read.

 LOTS of hype around this one, which had me worried! I mean, how could it possibly live up to the raving reviews I was seeing everywhere? And yet somehow, this book managed to escape the dreaded Hype Destroyer and prove to be an incredible read. Great characters, great world-building. A book I can see myself re-reading, and I don't say that lightly! But I feel there is more to be mined from this story than one can get from a single read.

 This indie read had me nervous at first because it turned out to be a magical-training story . . . and having just read and disliked Shadow and Bone, which was similar, I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy this one. I was so wrong! The main character saved the day with a unique and enjoyable personality that I found myself relating to in a way I don't usually relate to YA heroines. This story feels like it's just scratching the surface of everything this world (and this author) has to offer!


Another book with a lot of hype behind it. And another book which took me by surprise. This one was just SO MUCH FUN! Like a summer blockbuster movie, but packaged up in words on a page. So much excitement, so many daring escapes and thrilling battles. Romance galore, but ultimately a tale about two best friends. Yeah, Iseult and Saphi totally won me over!


So here is an excellent book that's not getting as much press as some . . . but it TOTALLY deserves it! I mean, seriously, why aren't more people talking about this? Similar in theme to First Year, but more epic-scale adventure. And believe it or not, it's even more of a Girl Power book than Truthwitch! I am going to be eagerly watching for the sequel and telling all my friends to give this one a try.


This book was so different from everything else I read this month, so it really stood out to me . . . in a great way! A beautiful weaving of Norse and Greek myths into one mini-epic adventure. I was fascinated by intricately researched world the author created, gripped by the action, and attached the compelling protagonist, Euthalia, who is SO out of her depth in this adventure!

Lo and behold, I had a month of entirely 4 and 5 star reads! Is that even possible? There wasn't a bad berry in the bunch, which makes picking my Book of the Month significantly harder! I went round and round for a while, and almost thought I should change my mind when I realized which direction I was leaning, because I do hate to give into hype, but . . .

 Yup. That's right. The HUGELY hyped A Darker Shade of Magic is my favorite. As much as I loved each book I read this month, this was the only one that I can picture myself reading and re-reading over the years. And that's the sign of a truly great read, isn't it?

So this means, my giveaway for the month is decided! One lucky mailing list subscriber will win a hardbound copy of A Darker Shade of Magic and a paperback copy of The Songweaver's Vow (my pick for Cover of the Month).

 Subscribe to my mailing list to enter this giveaway! The winner will be selected on April 7.


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July 19, 2019

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