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Cover of the Month - March

March 28, 2017

I am a HUGE fan of a pretty cover, and there were several particularly pretty covers among my March reads. So I'm going to quickly show them to you and pick my favorite. And . . . the book I pick as being the Fairest of Them All will be offered as part of my March Giveaway! So check at the end to see how you can enter that.

 So this cover. Yeah. It didn't really work for me as far as initial attraction. In fact, I saw it for weeks on my Goodreads feed without every stopping to check it, and it was only the CRAZY AMOUNTS OF ENTHUSIASM from the readers that made me finally stop and look at what the book was about. I think it just doesn't translate to thumbnail size, you know? It's a cool concept when you look at it up close. The color scheme is perfect for the book. And I bet it's really neat in person as a print copy! But I can't say that it's a favorite simply because I wouldn't have picked this book up based on the cover alone.

 THIS book on the other hand . . . THIS book I would totally pick up based on cover alone! This is actually a re-packaging, and when I glanced at the original cover, I can definitely say that THIS one is superior. The contrasts of light and dark! The magical power emanating from her hand! That gothic window behind her! The gorgeous, gorgeous scroll-work frame! Yes, I like EVERYTHING about this cover very much indeed!

 Here is a controversial cover design. I've seen several people comment on how "ugly" it is. One person even called it hideous! I actually really like it, though. I think it suits the story. It has such a summer blockbuster vibe to it, making me think of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies or something. The mood it presented totally fit the story inside, so I felt it set me up really well for the adventure. So yeah . . . it might not be my FAVORITE cover of all time, but I think it's cool! I like the text and how Saphi's sword layers through. I like the swirling water effect. It's cool and fun!


This cover is really cool. The controlled use of color is what impresses me most here. The artist limited him/herself to that deep purple-blue, then layed with the dark and light contrasts, and the result is a crisp, dynamic, eye-catching image. I love the symbol hovering above the girl's hand (important to the book), and I love the Far Eastern flare to the buildings and her kimono. The text is excellent and works equally well on a thumbnail size. The only thing I don't love is that the girl doesn't quite look like the heroine. Kai is described as having short hair (growing in slowly and untamed). I'm guessing this person is NOT supposed to be Kai, but simply "one of the moonburners." Which works. It's more solemn and elegant that way. But I kind of would have liked to see Kai herself . . .


I don't even know where to begin with this cover. I love SO much about it! The color scheme (once again, very controlled, though not quite as limited of a pallet as the last cover), the energy of the wolf in the clouds, the beauty of the viking village, the mystery of the heroine turned away from us . . . and that text! That text is what really brings it all together, right? It's a photomanipulation cover, but the overall style feels like a painting. I'm still in the middle of reading this book, but I can promise that the beautiful cover is a perfect match for the beautiful story being told as well.

So, with all of these beauties to pick from, I must now name my favorite. And it probably won't surprise most of you which cover came out on top. That's right . . .


It was a toss-up between this one and First Year for me, but ultimately that amazing font just sealed the deal.


And, funnily enough, the designer of this cover is the SAME designer who did my Cover of the Month for February! I guess I have specific tastes. You can check out more of Damonza's cover designs here.


The Songweaver's Vow is going to be part of my two book giveaway at the end of this month! The second book of the giveaway--my pick for Book of the Month--is still a secret, but I'll be revealing it on Friday.


All who subscribe to my mailing list will be entered in the giveaway!


So if you haven't subscribed yet, do it now. You'll have a chance to win two AMAZING books, let me tell you!

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