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Cover of the Month - February

March 6, 2017

Because I'm a total cover-art junkie, I am going to take a moment to celebrate the amazing covers of all the books I read in February . . . and to proclaim a winning Cover of the Month.


Now keep in mind: I am judging these covers based on the editions I read. Some of them have alternate covers that are superior to those I have, but that's not the criteria. (My blog, my rules, right?)


Anyway, here are my thoughts on this month's selection of covers.


Disappointing. You have to admit it. Some of the other editions of this book are SO MUCH BETTER, but this is the cover as it appears on Kindle. Yelena is dark-haired, but doesn't this model look blonde? I do like how the green tone matches the "poison" theme. Green is the most poisonous color, am I right? And the font is cool. But that's really all the nice things I have to say about this cover. (The book is incredible, though!)

 Now this is a WOW cover if there ever was one! I remember the first time I glimpsed this on Goodreads, I totally had to stop and read the synopsis. I love the sharp contrasts of light and dark, love the "sparks," love the sense of ancient days. Something about this cover just promises adventure . . . and the book delivers on that promise in spades!


When it comes to sheer eye-candy, it's hard to beat this cover! Yet when I stop and really look at it, why do I love it so much? It's not like it communicates all that much about the story itself. Still, it just works somehow. That gorgeous font, twisting through the starburst. The color scheme that breathes of mystery. Everything about this cover is intriguing, and it totally drew me to the book long before all the hype-reviews started rolling in.

I like this cover. I like the colors a lot, appreciate how the title seems to glow with heat (which totally suits the story, trust me). But I won't say that this is a cover I love, because it doesn't really give me a sense of the story. It was nice enough to attract me, but it didn't give me a sense of anticipation. I didn't expect to LOVE the book because I didn't LOVE the cover. Which is a shame, really, because the book was ultimately my Book of the Month!

 This cover grew on me  the longer I looked at it. At first, I was intrigued by the starkness of it . . . then I looked closer and realized that it was brimming with subtle details that perfectly fit the story. I found myself having to pause reading to go back and look at the cover every now and then, and every time I did, I liked it more. It feels . . . daring, somehow. Which is a great fit for this daring story!


I may not have liked this book all that much, but this cover is a stunner! Love the emphasis on the text. Love how the illustrative details perfectly suit the story (the antlers!). I'm not a huge fan of gray, but somehow the gray here just makes everything else pop more vividly. So yes. Great cover. Not my favorite book, but great cover.

 Take a moment to sigh over the sheer loveliness of this one. Yes, she's a beauty all right. The framing set-up is a really nice touch, like we're being invited to peer into this fascinating new world. Love the sense of the journey created, and the kinetic energy of the heroine's sari blowing behind her. And she's in a sari, which is just awesome! This is another cover wherein the emphasis on the text really works. A simple text, but elegantly executed. I'm a huge fan of this one!

A great month for covers, even as it was a great month for reads. But as I must pick only one favorite, I have to pick . . .

 That's right! The Midnight Sea it is. This image perfectly set up my expectations for a book I was excited to read, and then the book followed through. While I may have though The Star-Touched Queen a wee bit prettier and Three Dark Crowns a tad more intriguing, this was the cover that perfectly married attractive outside to incredible inside. So it's my favorite this month.


Hope you agree with my pick!



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