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POISON STUDY by Maria V. Snyder - Review

February 6, 2017



My rating: 4 of 5 stars
How I Got It: Purchased ebook

Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Mira
Point of View: 1st Person Heroine
Genres: YA Fantasy Romance




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I know, I know . . . I'm pretty late getting on the bandwagon with this one, which has been out since 2005. But I'm SO glad I finally read it!


I knew I would like this one from the very first page. That opening is a WOW!


That opening. For sure!

And, okay, call me dense . . . but I actually didn't see the romance coming at first. Really liked that about this book! So many of these books, the romance is just so in-your-face, it's hard to really feel any suspense. But Ms. Snyder actually managed to surprise me. I kept waiting for "the hero" to show up, and was then shocked when I realized who the hero was all along!

Once I realized where the romance was coming from, I really enjoyed the "dance" between Yelena and Valek.

The world-building was very intriguing. An interesting mix between fantasy and dystopian.

The writing was vivid but not flowery, which I appreciated.

The side characters were enjoyable.

All the stuff about the actual study of poisons . . . really cool. I got the impression that Ms. Snyder really took the time to study this subject herself, and the result was a remarkable and believable story line.


I was a bit let down by the final romantic reveal between Yelena and Valek. No spoilers here, but the scene was just a bit . . . meh. After all that great build up!

Yelena's reactions to some of the elements of the climax were disappointing. No spoilers, but . . . don't you think she should be a bit more devastated by what happened to some people? I'm sure the author didn't want to dwell on all that darkness, but I expected a BIT more from Yelena.

But really, those are pretty minor quibbles. All told, I really enjoyed this book and am intrigued to read more by this author.

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