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Clara is an Obligate—an indentured servant of the fae. She doesn’t know why. She knows only that she has broken the Pledge and must therefore serve out her sentence in the dangerous Court of Dawn, obliging the every whim of a capricious fae princess. If she keeps her head down, performs her duty, and doesn’t cause any trouble, she may survive to the end of her Obligation and be allowed to return home to her handsome

sweetheart, Danny.

But all her hopes are about to be dashed.

For Clara has a power—a power which has been suppressed so deeply, she does not even remember she possesses it. And when the truth becomes known, it won’t be long before others come vying for a chance to purchase her Obligation. Including the Prince of the Doomed City.

He has use for a unique power like Clara’s.

He needs her to help him save his city. And the worlds.

A little more info:

So the Prince of the Doomed City series is outlined at six books. It’s set in the same world as the Scarred Mage of Roseward and Of Candlelight and Shadows . . . so we’re talking fae and fae creatures and multi-worlds and lots of magic. Not to mention Noswraiths. This series is utterly stuffed with Noswraiths! And if you thought the Thorn Maiden was bad . . . yeah . . .

Clara is destined to become a librarian in the Doomed City Library, which is brimming with Noswraith spellbooks, many of them breaking down, their Nightmare spells on the verge of getting free. She will join forces with other librarians (including a few who will be familiar to readers of the Scarred Mage Trilogy!) as she learns to harness her formidable power.

There’s also a good deal of kingdom-drama, love triangles (several of those, in fact), traitors and intrigues, journeys into the stranger realms of Eledria, True Love, broken hearts, bargains, ball gowns, and all of those super fun things.

The series is told entirely from Clara’s POV . . . so a bit more like The Moonfire Bride in that respect.

Content: Clean and wholesome. This one is forecast to be a very sweet romance. Still plenty of smolder, no worries . . . just, sweet smolder. ;)

Sarya is a princess . . . but in name only. Her cruel half-brother sits on her throne but holds her at court where he can keep a wary eye on her. She is a thorn in his side, and her best hope for survival is to keep her head down. She finds solace only in her blind dragon, Mythri—and her hopes of winning the Queen’s Cup Race.

She certainly doesn’t have time for marriage.

Which is just too bad—because Lochan, an elf prince from the distant mountain kingdom, has journeyed to the human court for the sole purpose of securing a marriage alliance. It isn’t his idea, though. The last thing he wants is to be bound for life to the blasphemous humans, who are considered little better than “demons” by his people.

When he meets the spirited Sarya, however, he cannot fight the growing attraction in his heart. Perhaps an alliance wouldn’t be the end of the world.

But with rebellions brewing behind closed doors, and the human king uneasy on his throne, Sarya will be lucky to live to her wedding day. That’s if she can be convinced to accept the strange night-elf prince as her husband

in the first place . . .

A little more info:

Affectionately known in our household as "AM of the HEPDR" (Arranged Marriage of the Hot Elf Prince Dragon Rider), the Starcrossed Alliance series is planned at nine books . . . so it will be my longest series to date. It’s a whole new world full of elves, humans, goblins, and—best of all—dragons. Lots of dragons!!!

The heart and soul of the plot is the arranged marriage between Lochan and Sarya . . . but the story grows over time to something much greater. In fact, this may be my grandest, most epic tale yet, with rebellions and betrayals and seriously awesome dragon battles and aerial sequences.

On the whole, I would say this series is closer to Venatrix as far as the focus on action and adventure is concerned. But because it’s entirely based on the circumstances of this arranged marriage, it naturally gets a bit more romantic than Venatrix as well.

The story will be told from Sarya and Lochan’s alternating POV, bringing both of their (very different) perspectives into this alliance. There’s a lot of culture-clash and growing understanding and sympathy, not to mention some major revelations concerning the long and fraught history of their two nations.

Content: Mostly clean and wholesome. As the series progresses, and the two leads get to know each other better, we may get a bit more steam (it is a marriage story, after all!). But on the whole, it’s going to stay in the clean territory.

Wildcard Option!

Brielle owes Granny Dorrel seven years of her life. Seven years of slavery, serving as the ward witch’s huntress in the depths of Whispering Wood.

Dire is a werewolf, a former slave of Granny’s in his own right . . . and Brielle’s newest target.

Shenanigans and romance will abound in this stand-alone romantic adventure featuring

the kick-butt younger sister character from

The Moonfire Bride.

A little more info:

Obviously I don’t have as much developed about this particular story. Well, that’s not true . . . I actually have a complete detailed outline tucked away in my notes, which I kept in mind while drafting the Of Candlelight and Shadows duology. I just don’t at the moment remember it!

Still, this story should be a lot of fun to write. Not to mention much easier than the above two projects, as it’s only ONE story. It would also, theoretically, open the door to a whole series of stand-alone romances set in Whispering Wood (the serial novel Of Silver and Secrets is another one of these. I’ve got a bunch of them planned, with covers and everything).

So part of me is very inclined toward this particular project in light of the upcoming developments in my personal life (TWINS!!!!!). Stand-alone books are always fun and satisfying to write, but very easy by comparison to long and drawn-out series. And if you readers are interested to see more of this kind of story from me—more along the lines of Silver and Secrets—I would very much enjoy creating them!

Content:  Clean and wholesome. One of the stories might get a tiny bit steamier, but none of these will hit the steam levels of Moonfire Bride (as none of them are marriage stories). So we’re talking smolder, longing, flirting, banter, and some hot kisses. No on-page sex.

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