Would you like to receive a free copy of my upcoming novel, Daughter of Shades?

Awesome! Come and join my Advance Reader Team.

What is an Advance Reader? Basically my Advance Readers will receive ebook  copies (or ARCs) of my novel a few weeks before publication so they can read, review, and start to generate buzz.

I ask that my Advance Readers post reviews on Goodreads and on Amazon (as soon as the book goes live . . . I’ll send you a link when that happens). You are NOT obliged to post a positive review -- just an honest one. And it doesn't have to be any longer than a sentence or two!

I also ask that my Advance Readers look for any last-minute issues with the story—typos or inconsistencies—and alert me. By this stage, the book has been through several rounds of edits, but those wretched typos WILL sneak through. I would love to have your help!

I will send out copies on June 28. You will have until July 10 to send me your typo list or any other thoughts and feedback you’d like to pass my way. From that point on, the book will be going to final formatting, and changes won’t be as easy to manage anymore.

Does this sound like something you’d like to do? I’d love to have you join! Just write to me at sylviamercedes86@gmail.com with the subject line: Advance Reader Team. I’ll get you added to the list.


But remember . . . I'm only giving out 25 copies. So be sure to claim your book soon!

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