A clever thief.

A disgraced mage.

A kiss of poison.


Don't miss this all new

"Beauty and the Beast" adventure!

If you would like to join my ARC team, here are the requirements:

1. You need to have a reviewer profile on Amazon (these ARCs are exclusively for Amazon reviewers).

2. You need to have at least THREE Amazon book reviews on your profile. (They DO NOT need to be for Sylvia Mercedes books.)

3. You need to EMAIL ME A LINK to your Amazon reviewer profile. (details on how to do this below).

My email is sylviamercedes86@gmail.com.

4. You agree to review The Scarred Mage of Roseward book 1 on Amazon.com

between September 20 and September 27.


That’s it! Pretty simple, right?



1. These ARCs are for Amazon.com reviewers only. If you cannot review on Amazon.com, please do not request an ARC. (I will have to say no, and that always makes me feel bad!)

2. If you state in your review, “I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review,” your review is very likely to disappear off of Amazon. I would request that you NOT use this phrase or any phrase like it. (But if you feel uncomfortable with that, feel free to make the statement—just bearing in mind that your review is likely to disappear.)

3. You are not obliged to write a positive review, just an honest one.


4. This book is PG-13 for sensuality, violence, and mild language. If that doesn't sound like something you would like, please don't request an ARC.


How to find your Amazon review profile on Amazon:

  1. Go to a book you have read and reviewed.

  2. Scroll down and find your review.

  3. Click on your name or handle.

  4. You will be directed to your Amazon review profile.

  5. Copy the link and email it to me (sylviamercedes86@gmail.com)